Saturday, May 2, 2009

How the Garden Grows

It looks like it's time to put Mr. Runner Bean out in the garden. We tried to propagate six plants but only one survived and decided to come forth. The post mortem on the other beans revealed that they may have been over-watered. We will learn from that mistake. And when I say we... I mean she.

I sat on the patio and helped her weed the garden. As always, the weeds made my tummy hurt and I had to go inside the house and retch on her living room rug.

Signing off on this sunny Saturday!

Love, Pearl.


Parker said...

We had a few tomatoes bite the dust as a result of too much water. Daddy lives and learns...

Anonymous said...

Dear Pearl,

The lady here has planted tomatoes, green onions, beans, peas, lettuce and basil from seed for the first time EVAH!

They all look okay -- except all those little peat pots in front of the windowsill made perfect cat-sized stepping stones and a few lettuce pots did perish.

The lady is almost ready to expose the seedling to the rogue Canadian elements!

There is still plenty of time for this lady to kill the seedlings by doing something wrong -- like planting them before the risk of frost has passed, or planting them in the wrong place, or forgetting to water them...

Happy gardening, Pearl!


Anonymous said...

We cats are helpful, aren't we? Dinah did some pruning and we jumped on the branches to shake off the leaves.Oh, yes, we also helped our Man with his Mustang car.
Sorry about the tummy.:(

meemsnyc said...

We hope the plant grows nice and big in the garden!

Honey P. Sunshine said...

oh i wish i hadded a garden like yors