Wednesday, April 30, 2008


All that stuff I said about sun spots in the garden? Well - you can forget it.

This is the weather forecast from now until -- perhaps eternity:

Notice how this graphic encompasses everything: rain, sun, clouds. Don't be fooled. It's mostly clouds and rain.

On a happier note, after 14 years of never even attempting to jump on a kitchen counter... I'VE STARTED JUMPING ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER!!! Oh it's lovely. There are some delicious things up there -- like butter. I was also able to lick the bottom of a pan. If you haven't jumped on the kitchen counter yet, I highly recommend it. You should start practicing now.

Friday, April 25, 2008

England and Gardens

Every spring the woman redesigns her garden. And by redesigns, I mean... she rearranges her patio pots and plants flowers in them. Today was the first day of spring garden design and repotting at our house. She brought home a bunch of plants that she surmised slugs won't eat (that's how she decided upon the flowers this year) and she began planting them in the various pots scattered around the patio.

Pumpy and I went out to help her. (She's a terrible gardener.) She lets weeds and moss grow in between the patio stones and so Pumpy and I happily ate them for her. This did not have a good result. It never does but somehow Pumpy and I cannot resist eating grass and weeds and other plants.

I'm glad it's spring so I can wander out into the back garden and lay down in sun spots.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The woman has been gone for a few days and Pumpy and I had to wait until 10 AM for our fudz because the man here doesn't "do" mornings. At first I didn't say anything but finally I just went right upstairs and howled at him until he got up. Pumpy wouldn't come with me so I had to do all the talkin'.

This is a picture of the dog and me in the window waiting for the woman to come home. I'm very patient at waiting but the dog is up and down and up and down... looking out the window... then the door... then the window... then she barks sometimes at absolutely nothing. I think my nerves are frazzled.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello Dog. I've got a proposition for you. If you let me eat your crunchy fudz, I'll let you dig around in my litter box...

OK -- you think about it and get back to me later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's been a quiet week here at our house. The snow is gone but it doesn't exactly feel like spring is around the corner, either. The woman is better but she is complaining a lot (headaches, fatigue, etc. etc. etc.) and generally things around the house seem to be going down the rat-hole.

We will keep you posted.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

April Showers

This is what Pumpy and I awoke to this morning here in southern England. Fat, sloppy, cold snowflakes. Most of it is gone now but there's a chill in the air that feels distinctly wintery.

Personally I don't care about the weather because I enjoy eating and sleeping inside all year long. But I know certain people in this house would really welcome some warm, sunny days when they could plant a few flowers in the garden and sit outside in a sun spot and drink a cup of tea.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The woman is sick.

She's taking the Lemsip/Night Nurse cocktail. (For my American friends that would be the Nyquil/Thera-flu cocktail).

I can't blog without her and her brain is fried from fever (she says).

More later.

love, Pearl