Tuesday, October 30, 2007



As you can see, these are my toes. I'm asleep on the radiator again. The curtain provides a little heat bath for me. Sometimes Pumpy tries to horn in on my space and oh do I hiss and spit when he does that. He can sneak my food but DO NOT take away my heat bath.

Thursday, October 25, 2007



Today I would like to tell you about Elevenses. If you are not British or Australian, then you may not know what Elevenses is. This is equivalent to mid-morning tea, usually taken at about 11 AM, at which time partakers usually have a few biscuits or sweet cakes and a cup of tea. (You can look this up on Wikipedia if you doubt me.)

Whenever the woman has a day off from work, we all have Elevenses and I highly recommend it to my American friends. Go ahead... wherever you are... at 11 AM (or there abouts) grab yourself a cup of tea and a cookie and give yourself a break. OR -- have a temptation and a slurp of water. It's a great way to enjoy the day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Long time no...

...writing on the blog.

Hello. How are you?

I'm sorry I've been silent lately. I have no good reason other than, perhaps, overwhelmed with life.

Two items of note that are very upsetting: The woman got a new vacuum cleaner and it's an upright... very noisy. Very big. She LOVES it. She says it sucks up dirt and hair like nothing she's ever seen. Woo Hoo for her.

Secondly... the man's eyes have begun to swell up at night and so no more sleeping in the bedroom for Pumpy and me. We've been shut out and I'm not very happy about it. We have to sleep downstairs with that D-O-G.

How are things with you?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bug Hunting

This photo captures me in full hunting mode. The other night there was the biggest spider I've ever seen crawling on the wall. I knocked it off and chased it under... something. And now I'm looking for it. I never found it but when I do I intend to eat it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That Duvet Again

Pumpy has been coveting my duvet. The most terrible thing happened the other night: While I was resting comfortably on my fluffy duvet (which I love) Pumpy drove me off it and then pinned me down on the floor. I spit and hissed. As my friend, Poly, would say... I was Pig Bitin' Mad. But Pumpy smacked me and then I smacked him. Then that dumb dog had to get in on the act and so I had to smack her too. Then the woman came running and she had to separate all of us. Pumpy got the duvet but I got to go upstairs with the woman and sleep in her bed.

Pumpy was naughty and I'm not going to forget it.