Sunday, May 24, 2009


In spite of a wee bit of conjunctivitis in my eye, I've had a good day. I ate some dog fudz, sat in the woman's lap, and took a nap on the patio in the warm sunbeams. The dog tried to bother me today and she had to go sit at the woman's feet. Bwhahaha.

Everyone in England is angry about the members of Parliament claiming for lots of fudz, throw pillows, moat cleanings, and mortgages on their work expenses. I didn't notice any expense claims for kitty upkeep and that really takes the cake if you ask me. THROW THE BOOK AT THEM.

I've got to go wash my eye out with chamomile tea.

Have a nice day.


Daisy said...

Oh Pearl, I sure hope your eye feels all better soon!

Eric and Flynn said...

Mum says they should have claimed for kitties cuz they've claimed for about everything else.
We hope your eye is soon better.

Professor J said...

Those MPs make the blood boil, don't they? Just like our Congressmen.

Eric and Flynn said...

We have given you an award. You can collect it from our Monday post.

Julia said...

Dear Pearl,

No kitty-cat claims whatsoever -- although the fancy duck shelter in the pond was nice...

Oh my. I suppose the poor dears felt they weren't being paid enough and had to bump up their salary somehow. The heart bleeds, doesn't it?

Take care, Pearl.

Cricket in Canada

Rusty Geiger & Sporran said...

Our Peoples say some rather naughty words about those MPs.(But we did think the duck house would make a very handy Dog Prison.)
Hope your eye will soon be OK.