Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Good grief. The human woman has been following me around trying to get a picture of my toes, for heaven's sake!! She caught me as I was soaking up some heat from the radiator. All of my paw pads are pink. I have brown and grey markings on each of my back legs. (They match my tail).

The woman likes to touch my paw pads and I really wish she wouldn't.

The news from England is that -- well -- it's raining again today! And the Brits did very well at the Golden Globes last night. The woman isn't working tomorrow which means that she'll either be "out and about" or else she'll be here with Pumpy and me "puttering around the house."

Happy Toesday everyone.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Cute toes! Why is it that people like to play with paws? There is no need to extend my claws for me, thank you very much!


Daisy said...

Pink toes are the best!

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Miss Pearl! You have a byootiful raccoon tale just like me! My paw pads are black though. I wonder wy?

Finny The Raccoon-Tailed Wonder

Kimo & Sabi said...

Cutie toes! Our Mommakitty started touching our paw pads when we was babies, so we like it - she gives us little footsie massages after a long day of runnin' around!

Mr Zenith & Fancidots Gang said...

We agree our Hatter and Sasquatch really look as if they might be related to you, Pearl and Pumpy!

We are scared of little beans too, their voices are so high and squeaky and LOUD!

Glad you got away, to hide under the bed, Hatter does the SAME thing when strangers come in owr house.

purrs ---

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady wants ta grab our paws all the time too. we won't let her - 'specially if she's got the clippers

Au Poussin Bleu said...

I like cat paws , i love when lulu strech her body a touch my hand with her paws. Have you had a pawnicure , they look very pink and soft to the eyes

Eric and Flynn said...

We bofe like haffing a paw massoj, it is furry relacksing. We haf pink pads too to match owr pink noses.

Lux said...

Happy Toesday on Wednesday, Pearl!

see you there! said...

Dear Pearl,

If you went outside here today you would get your toes cold and wet. Ask how I know.

I think we'd best stay in and take tea with our humans.

Eclipse and her Handmaiden

Fancidots said...

Hi Pearl and Pumpy -
Zenith asked if we could share some photos with you, for your blog.
I am very flattered, and would be delighted for you to select photos of Hatter and Sasquatch, to put a "see how similar we are" post on your site.

Thanks so much!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yoo probublie have adoruble paw pads! And congrats on yer brits representing at that globe thingy!