Monday, December 18, 2006

A little about Pumpkin

Some of you might be wondering about my brother, Pumpkin. This is him. Notice that he has to have his head held up with the human's hand in order to get his picture taken. This is because he sleeps all the time and he doesn't really understand requests made by the human woman. Pumpkin doesn't "do" blogs because, really, he can't be bothered. If Pumpy had a blog it would read like this:

Me Eat.
Me Sleep.
Me clean myself until the hair comes off my belly.
Me clean Pearl until she bites me.
Me want cuddle so me step all over humans to get cuddle.
Me get cuddle.
Me sleep.

Pumpkin - aka Pumpy -- also has ears that don't stand up properly. They always seem to be flat -- like Yoda ears. I think this is strange but the human woman and the man think it's endearing.

Pumpy always has a far-away look in his eyes and that's because, well, he's far away. The expression, "the lights are on but nobody's home" is very applicable to him. Sometimes he stands on the dining room table and cries for no apparent reason. Then the human woman calls out his name and he jumps down and runs to her as though he's just remembered who he is and where he's at.

Enough about Pumpkin for now. I've got to go take my morning nap and he's getting the best spot on the duvet!!


Pearl C. Pritchard

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Carol said...

Love it! But don't wake up Pumpy to tell him.