Sunday, December 17, 2006

A little about ME

My name is Pearl C. Pritchard and I used to live in New York City where, I've been told, I was found in a parking lot somewhere on the upper west side. I actually believe that I am a Princess who was hidden away for safe keeping and have been adopted by these humans who keep me in their house -- away from all the other people who would surely want to steal me and keep me for their very own. Anyhoo... I have a brother named Pumpkin and one fine day my human woman packed us into a box and put us on a plane and we landed in England and let me tell you... that was NOT a nice experience. My brother and I were very upset indeed. We were so traumatized that we immediately weed on the sofa cushion and then took up residence in the kitchen cupboard.

Eventually my human woman coaxed us out of the cupboard and we all got into a nice soft bed and snuggled up to her and began to purr and treddle upon her pillow. And then we realized that there was this other human living in the house. HIM. We vaguely remembered him from visits that he made to our house in NYC but boy were we shocked when we realized that he was now living with us.

But he's turned out to be a pretty good indentured servent. He allows us to sleep in his bed -- between him and my human woman. He also feeds us sometimes when my human woman is too stressed from a hard day of work. And best of all, he lets me have the remainder of his milk from his morning bowl of cereal. MMMMM. More on this later.

So that's that's it for now. That's my first shot at blogging in the catosphere blogoshere. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.


Pearl C. Pritchard

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Carol said...

Hi Pearl,
Remember me? I liked your kitty litter when you lived in NY. When I visit Amelia, I still go to your old door first!