Sunday, September 18, 2011


So my BFFB (Bean Friend For Breakfast) has left a treat for moi. (Red Arrow). Trouble is my favorite route to my milky delight (A) is blocked. Chair the wrong way. The direct jump (B) is blocked by the adverse projection of the spoon. The route via sofa, windowsill and through the curtains (C) is just too far and not cool!

My solution was elegant (if I do say so myself). Sofa, wait for Bean to move arm, jump over lap and laptop and voila!


dinahmow said...

Oh, Pearl! That's a master stroke. Especially for an elderly lady with all the extra weight we elderly ladies carry. (Goodness! Didn't I say that politely!)

Katnip Lounge said...

Well played! We prolly would have yelled and resorted to all sorts of undignified behavior.

Alan said...

You simply waited for him to move his arm? Pestering him with your paw, and rubbing against the arm gets it moved sooner. Walking directly across the keyboard works too.

harada57 said...