Thursday, August 20, 2009


  Once again, Pumpy and I are waiting patiently for our fudz but the fudz isn't forthcoming.  In this instance, the lady bean was on the phone and we had to howl rhythmically and bore holes into her with our eyes until she stopped with the phone call and came out to the dining room to feed us our stinky goodness.  

  Srsly.  I'm going to do a podcast one day of our feeding time chorus so you can hear for yourselves.


Julia said...

Yes, yes. Podcasts and video footage are needed. You must document these outrageous transgressions against your basic feline rights.

Please advise as I get similar treatment here in Canada, ex: having to demand stinky goodness when it should be offered much more freely and in a more timely manner.

Cricket of Canada

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Cricket, we so appreciate your resonance with our feelings. You always understand so well.

Sorry -- I just remembered that I have to take my evening nap now.



Parker said...

I'd love to hear your chorus!

Derby said...

Singing for your supper? Again?

The Crew said...

I feel for you, Pearl. It's just so hard to get good help these days.


Quilt Works said...

I have to tell you I was laughing out loud! I often wish I new what the kitties are thinking. I think I got my wish! I can actually picture them thinking this. I am a follower now. Looking forward to hearing more.