Monday, August 10, 2009

Abraham & Sarah...and a 50th Birthday Story

Pumpy and I have some Dutch connections. And they tell us that in The Netherlands, when a person turns 50, they are said to "have met Abraham or Sarah" (depending on the celebrant being a male or female). This is because, at the age of 50, people are old enough to have met the prophet and his wife.

And many Dutch 50 years old receive a cake or a bread in the shape of Abraham or Sarah on their birthday... or sometimes, even an effigy on their front garden.

Well, SOMEONE in this house is turning 50 this week and because Pumpy and I can't make her a cake or a puppet (because that's just silly), I tossed up a hairball in the shape of Sarah for her.

If you look closely you can see it on the (new) living room rug but you may not want to.


Eric and Flynn said...

Happy purrfday to your mum. We hope she liked her hairball.

Julia said...

How wonderfully thoughtful of you to yak up a Birthday Furball! Good work, Pearl.

We cats never get the recognition we deserve -- earlier this week I yakked up a hairball on the carpet (never the hardwood floors) and mine was EXTRA SPECIAL. But did I receive any praise? No!

My hairball was good and yakky, but it had a wonderful twist -- a curled-up, detached MOUSE'S TAIL, laid perfectly on top.

The lady-bean was not impressed, especially since the man-bean was in Utah and thus too far away to clean it up. You should have heard the commotion.

I don't get any respect.

Love, Cricket in Canada

Parker said...

Nice work Pearl! I wish I had thought of that when the Mom met Sarah a few years ago!
Happy Birthday to your Mum!

Anonymous said...

Happy furba--er--birthday, Kim!
Hope Pearl's little treat is not your only gift.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum! she is almost as old as my mommie and parkers mommie

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