Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pookie's Story

Pumpy and I are friends with a friend who's a friend of Pookie's mummy, Arlette. They live in The Netherlands. Pookie fell out of a window and has been paralyzed ever since.

This video is a little long but it's very interesting to see how Arlette takes care of Pookie. The most riveting scene in the video is when Pookie pees in the sink. Also, Arlette feeds her cats the finest of fine food and they get to have chicken before bedtime every night.

Well done, Arlette!


Daisy said...

Thanks for sharing that, it was amazing! It looks like Pookie is doing great. I was so surprised to see how well he gets up and down the cat tree.

That food looks a lot like the new raw frozen food that we just started eating!

Eric and Flynn said...

We were a bit unsure what to think at the start, but after watching the video right through we were amazed at how well he was coping. He got around surprisingly well and obviously enjoyed life. We applaud you Arlette for helping Pookie to cope so well.

Boots and Brenda said...

Wow!! It sure looks like Pookie has a good quality of life thanks to his caring humans. He seems so happy and healthy. His brother seems to love him too!! All the best Arlette and family!!

Boots & Brenda

Black Cat said...

Oh, that's so heartwarming. Pookie evidently takes his disability in his stride and enjoys life and Arlette takes care of him so well. Such a great video and it didn't seem long at all!

I don't go to MySpace much, just keep it open coz I have (much neglected!) friends on there! :) xxx

The Frenchsters said...

Fantastic. What a lucky kitty! And you gotta love the tail clip.