Monday, April 13, 2009


As you can see, I have to keep my eye on Pumpy because he can be a real pest. He ate the top off a tomato quiche this evening and he also sat on me yesterday and made me bite him.

There's a lot of chocolate around the house. DOGS AND CATS -- a word of warning: Do not eat it. We met a cocker spaniel today who spent the night at the vet's because he ate a giant chocolate egg.

Personally, my weakness is Cheerio milk and butter.

I hope your week goes well for you. That is all.

love, Pearl.


Parker said...

Pumpy has been a busy boy!
All of the chocolate that Daddy eats is kept in a sealed tin by his chair. We are never, ever allowed. But we love to watch him when he eats it!

Eric and Flynn said...

Eric makes me bite him when he sits on me too.

Julia said...

Pearl, sounds to me like Pumpy has his priorities straight: lovely quiche top, where I imagine all the cheesey goodness was AND sitting on you: a soft, warm spot! Oh dear...

see you there! said...

Looks like you are first in line and have that bowl of milk pretty well defended.


The Crew said...

You're right Pearl, chocolate can be very harmful to cats & dogs.

I like cereal milk too, and peanut butter, but only the crunchy kind.

Your friend