Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our friend Julia mused about Pumpy's and my relationship. She wondered how we met and what our introduction was like. Well Julia, this may be hard to believe but Pumpy and I were found together in a parking lot in Harlem, NYC when we were merely six weeks old (or so). This leads us to believe that we were litter mates even though we look nothing alike. However, I've taken a photo of my hind leg where you can see a patch of ginger fur which is the only resemblance that I have to Pumpkin.

It's possible that we have different fathers, as this sometimes happens with cat litters. Did you know that? We learned that from the Tee Vee.

We also have a brother, Jeffrey, who lives in New York with his mummy, Jonna. He's a tiger tabby. And so none of us look alike but we're all from the same litter -- we assume.

That is all for today.

Happy Friday.


Christine and FAZ said...

That's a lovely, heart warming story. Have a wonderful weekend - purrs FAZ

Parker said...

You two are very lovely siblings!

Eric and Flynn said...

We didn't know you were litter mates. We did know that one litter can have several different fathers though.

Daisy said...

I didn't know you were litter-mates either! That's cool. Gosh, you sure were young to be wandering around on your own in a parking lot!

Julia said...

Cool! I'm so happy to learn you are litter mates! I like to think of the two of you cuddling in utero as you still cuddle today! Hmmm -- I wonder if that is even possible in cat utero?

I heard that most often it was males who were orange tabbies? Perhaps, Pearl, that is why you have your lady-like colours?!

Regardless, fantastic story: littermates in Harlem to best friends in the Home Counties! We should all be so lucky!

Thank you for the story!

Julia said...

I think you only have that little bit of orange on your leg because Pumpy got all the coloured fur. There wasn't enough orange left for you, but there was lots of white left!!

The Crew said...

That's true, Pearl. It's not necessary for littermates to be the same color. For instance, I'm a harlequin cat, mostly white with gray spots but my littermate sister Gracie was a dilute calico with many colors. Others in our litter were solid and tabbies.


see you there! said...

What a wonderful story. You two forever, huh?