Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blessinz of teh Ceiling Cat


I've just had my breakfast and I'm popping in to give you a bit of news before I head off for my daily nap.

I have just learned that there's a Lolcat Bible Translation project underway and they need volunteers to help translate. You can go here to read about it. Here are some common word translations from the lolcat bible:

God = Ceiling cat
Satan = Basement cat
Earth = Urf(s)
Heaven = Ceiling
Sin = Invisible Error

And the list goes on. This is a very worthwhile project so I hope you give it consideration. I'm going to go think about it while I have my nap.

Have a nice day.
Love, Pearl.

PS -- It snowed here last night! WTF? (oops... pardon my French).


meemsnyc said...

Snow again in England!! Wow!

Eric and Flynn said...

We had a little bit of snow but nothing much. Five miles away from us they had four inches. What's going on? We don't get snow usually.

Parker said...

As long as the snow stays outside and you stay inside it's OK to look at, I guess.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

dats WTM (wut da meow)

see you there! said...

Our own dictionary? Won't the beans want a copy so they can get in on our secrets?


rusty, geiger & sporran said...

We'll see your snow and raise you one cyclone!