Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess what. We watched Oprah today. We recently subscribed to a different TeeVee service and we found Oprah on one of our many channels. She often talks about -- oh -- something like living your best life and stuff like that. Today it was abundance. Or how to love yourself. Or... creative visualization. I don't exactly remember because I slept through most of it to be perfectly honest.

And when I woke up I had an abundance of stinky goodness and that's good enough for me.

Nice to see you, Oprah.


Eric and Flynn said...

It is abundantly clear that stinky goodness and napping are much more important than TV programmes.

Professor J said...

Kitties rarely need help living their best lives, but humans often do.

meemsnyc said...

Awesome, an abundance of stinky goodness!!

Fat Eric said...

I wish my humans would spend more time watching TV and then I would be able to enjoy more peaceful lap time!

With ref. to your previous post, my mum also has a mania for checking my eyes for little black gloopy bits. Very annoying.

xxxx to my girlfriendcat!

see you there! said...

We never watch O. The only thing that is ever on our tv is Football. Yawn!

Eclipse - BTW our e-mail got fixed :-)