Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ask Pearl

This is our friend, Neville. He's going snowboarding in Western Canada next week and he asked me what the price of a bottle of beer and an average meal is in Canada. So I'm wondering if there might be any Canadian kitties out there who might know the answers to these and other pressing questions. Neville needs to budget for his trip.

That is all for today.

Love, Pearl.


meemsnyc said...

That's a good question, I would imagine it's like the USA? We're going to Canada next week too! Here in NYC, an average bottle of beer from a bar or restaurant costs around $5-7. And an average meal at a restaurant can be around $10.

Eric and Flynn said...

Mum says when they were in Vancouver 3 years ago everybody told her it was quite expensive but she said prices were pretty much the same as in the UK. Of course the exchange rate is poor right now so that will make everything that bit more expensive.

Boy n Beethoven said...

Wow! Snowboarding! Cool! But I can't help with the pwices in Canada since mine Mummy has never ever wet me fwy on a pwane to anywhere before.
(And mine Mummy hasn't ever been to Canada before either)


Boots and Brenda said...

We live smack dab in the middle of Canada (Manitoba) and a beer is about $5 and a meal is $10-$15 CDN.

Hope that helps.

Brenda & Boots

Lux said...

Gosh, we wouldn't have the slightest idea, but it's awfully nice of you to help Neville!

Julia said...

My head hurts a little bit because I am VERY GOOD at doing the conversion from Canadian dollars to British pound, but I get easily confused trying to do it the other way. That is why I am studying social work.

Okay -- there are $2 Canadian dollars for every British pound approximately. Price of goods is pretty much the same (I just came back from the UK over Christmas)...

A Canadian pub meal for one (with pint) will probably cost $20.00 Canadian + tax and tip. Now... that means it would cost the equivalent of 10 British pounds.

The secret is to "halve" everything you see listed in Canadian dollars, then you understand how much it would cost in pounds.

Everything in Canada is going to cost approximately half of what the sticker price would be in the UK. If, for example, a Tesco roast chicken and stuffing sandwich (of which I have had about a dozen) costs 3 pounds and 50 pence, I know it is equivalent to approximately $7 Canadian.

I would tell your friend to bring as much as he can, then convert it back (better safe than sorry)! But that as a rule, each British pound is worth 2 Canadian dollars and thus, the trip is half-price.

Hope that makes sense. My head hurts more now!