Monday, November 24, 2008

Get This Party Started

We made a video of the dog.


Daisy said...

She is so cute, and getting so grown-up. I don't think her tail ever stopped wagging!

Christine and FAZ said...

It wasn't there so we will pop back later. FAZ

p.s. how you all getting on with the Christmas card?

Alasandra said...

What a sweet doggie, she is adorable and seems to be a very happy girl. ~S,S & C

PB 'n J said...

What is it with woofies and walkies?! She sure does seem to enjoy herself though!

Mrs. G. said...

What fun! The music made all the frisky difference.

Eric and Flynn said...

She was having an exciting time meeting all her friends.

Julia said...

Oh Dear.

This is going to be a long comment and I apologize in advance. Where to start?

Ok. Whenever I see my Pearl Feed has a new post, I always get excited and say "Yay" out loud. I don't think this is healthy. This is my FAVORITE place on the interwebs, and believe me, I've read the whole internet. Twice.

Secondly, I am so excited to see a VIDEO Post! Double Yay! The Pearl house in living colour! (although no Pearl and Pumpy, they're probably anti-papparazzo).

Third, you know that I have been contemplating a move to the UK and these photos are not helping things. Doesn't England have lovely winter weather for walking? So many doggies! It's such a walk-your-doggie-culture. I am deeply jealous. We have snow. Decidedly not a walkable winter.

Fourth -- in 2000 I visited England and the walk-your-little-doggie culture caused me to seriously contemplate getting a d-o-g, even though I am a cat person through and through. After months of research the apparent best fit for my needs was (drum roll) A Cavalier King Charles. They look gorgeous and this post gets me thinking about d-o-g ownership. In England. Most confusing.

Fifth... (and most embarrassingly) Lady Bean -- you are gorgeous! You have lovely hair and lovely outfits, especially that gorgeous coat you wore when the DOG was wearing a Hallowe'en hat.

Okay. I confess I am Princess Pearl's biggest fan. Now off to a 12 step program.

Cricket / Canada

Honey P. Sunshine said...

dats wum happy little dog, i like her sweater

Professor J said...

My labrador, Ursula, came to see what I was listening to. She thinks it is a lovely song, and she'd like a walk, as well.