Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Royal Visit

Princess Anne came to our neighborhood yesterday (don't get jealous). She stopped by to pay tribute to the Irish Guard, who are very brave men and women, indeed.

She wore a cluster or shamrocks on her lapel and I saw a photo of her smiling. I think she had a jolly good time.


PB & J said...

Dear Princess Pearl,

More importantly, were you invited to inspect the troops?!


Princess said...

Princess Anne, How sweet that she came and visited your neighborhood!
Shamrocks even, how lovely!


Derby said...

You mean she didn't come to visit the real Princess in you neighborhood?

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see you there! said...

There has been a big fat book about the Irish and English laying around here for days. Sometimes I sit on it. I would have loved to see Princess Anne and her Shamrocks.


Forty Paws said...


Luf, Us

Julia said...

I am very jealous! You know what a Royalphile I am!

snowforest said...

Glad you had royalty visit your neighbourhood!
Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

JB's Big World said...

I thought you were the royalty?

PB & J said...

Princess Pearl,

I finally got Mommy to help me write a post about you! Please stop by!

Princess Pearl

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Hello! The PB&J's Princess Pearl said we should stop by and meet you! You are quite a lovely girl! Nice to meet you!

~Queen Snickers and Empress

DEBRA said...

Hi Princess Pearl

PB & J wrote about you and I thought I would drop over and introduce myself to you. It's nice to meetcha. You are a very lovely kitty drop over sometime.

Abby(the manx)

Karen Jo said...

Hi, Princess Pearl. The other Pearl on PB&J wrote about you, so I thought I would drop by. How exciting to have more royalty in the neighborhood.