Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Public Service Announcement...

...for Jet-Set Cats

Kitty cats that travel the transatlantic are a rare breed. In fact I only know of myself and brother Pumpy that have made the trip. The actual flight is ok (if you like cages and no in-flight entertainment) and we got the red carpet treatment at Heathrow. The staff at Heathrow, with their exotic English accents, were very nice. They even managed to keep the paparrazi away: Cats have their own airport reception building (I guess dogs too but what I meant to say is that we are separated from the Beans!). Anyway we are straying away from the Public Information Service issues... to become a Jet-Set Cat and fly to the UK is easy: all you need is the right documents. Getting the documents is the hard part!

1. First you must get "chipped" - a microchip is inserted under the skin (ouch!) And not just any old microchip, no! A chip which is readable by a machine in the UK!
2. Innoculated. Even if you are a rabies-free, palace cat (like Pumpy and me). You still have to be innoculated!
3. Blood tested to check that you have the rabies "anti-bodies". There is a six month gap between steps 2 and 3 (so no rush to book your flights). And the blood test has to be tested at a UK-approved, approved Laboratory but in the US.
4. Yippie! Book your flight. Only from a certified Cat carrying airline though.
5. On the day you fly out the cage has to be sealed by a US Food & Drug Administration Vet (which obviously will be located at JFK and not be located at the airport of the only certified Cat carrying airline in Newark).
6. And that's it. The bundle of documents from steps 1 to 5 becomes the Cat Passport. Only that nowadays, the Bean has to travel on the same flight as us Cats. And you know how difficult it is to herd Beans!


Faz the Cat said...

My goodness, this is so impressive. I can't believe you have actually been on one of those giant birds in the sky. I am not sure I would like to do this though. Does this mean you guys have trans-atlantic meow-accents now?

Forty Paws said...

We hast alreddy desided dat we ist nefer flyin noware.

We jist herd of 2 woofies dat had to go to da Karib-beeyan an had to do a 6 week kwaranteen heer. Den dey got der dokyuments. But at da last minnit der bean lernededed dat she needed to git anudder dokyument frum da State Capitol down in Austin. So dey had to drive furry fastly down to Austin to git more dokyuments to go lif in da Karib-beeyan. Yup.

Luf, Us

Julia said...

Dear Jet-Setting P&P,

So happy to hear about the steps for flying! I already have 1 thru 3 completed.

My person bought me an "airline approved" (sherpa bag) stealth-like kitty-cat carry on bag, but I think I would be happier in the belly of the plane. The secret stealth-bag is accepted by airlines and fellow passengers can't tell I am in the kitty bag, but I need to be wrangled out of it so my stealth-bag can be x-rayed. Then I need to be re-bagged. In front of strangers! At the security checkpoint! More than one kitty has escaped at this checkpoint.

I think riding in the belly of the plane is more dignified,quiet and safe. Inside the stealth-bag, I must be stuffed under my person's chair. Imagine the nerve? Shoving me under a seat for eight hours? Also, I may cry the whole way, as I sometimes do in the car.

Sorry for the long post. Thank you for posting this public service kitty-flight info. It has eased my anxieties. Rule Britania!

- Cricket of Cricket Crescent

see you there! said...

I got so tired just reading about all of those steps that I had to go take a nap. I'm not going anyhwere!

Your Beans must truly love you two.


Daisy said...

I had to travel on an airplane twice before. But never transatlantic flights! It sounds very complicated.

When we went through security, my Mommie was very scairt that I would get away and get lost. So, she asked to be taken into a private room for the screening. They took Pixie and I out of our Sherpa bags, and actually PATTED US DOWN! All over our arms, legs, backs and tummies. Then they took the carrier out and ran it through the x-ray machine.

Flying is scary.

The Crew said...

Maybe you already said and we just missed it, but where are you going? Or did you go somewhere already and are back now?

Either way, did you get tiny passports? With all the security nowdays, a cat just can't be too careful.

caricature said...

lots of useful info! thanks - I always wondered about the issue of transporting my cats as I move to another country :)

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I hope I never have to fly. I don't like loud noises. Mommy sayz not to worry, she'd drive me anywhere! I have IBS so stress kinda upsets my tummy. Mommy and daddy think I wouldn't, you know, "go" for dayz if they put me on a plane!

Derby said...

I know Opus and Roscoe moved to Italy. Not sure how strict the Italians are of kitties moving into the country. I know the UK has had stricter rules for kitties and woofies moving through.

Caesar and Princess said...

Dear Princess Pearl and Pumpy,
You have really been through a lot. We are so glad that you told us about this ordeal! very nerve wrecking for beans and kitties.
We are thrilled that you survived!!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

That must have been quite a scary experience for you Pearl! I loved and giggled at your evil secrets hahah


Fritzamus Maximus said...

Wow! Ernest and I almost had to go through the PETS scheme, but it turns out we will be staying in New York. Whew! I don't really know if I want to become robokitty!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

That sounds complicated. One of the sires at my Cattery came from Germany last year and he got to fly in the cabin! That sounds cool.

(Newark airport is HUGE and scary I hear so you must be very brave!!)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

wow! that's a lot to deal with. that settles it - we're never going anywhere.

dinahmow said...

josh here...ah-hah. so that's why dinah does not take us on the big's ok when our man stays home to look after us.
very interestiing, pearl, and dinah says to say thanks.

Eric and Flynn said...

That wuz inchresting, but furry skeery. We deffernuttly don't want to go in enny flying masheens. We haf those masheens fly ofurr our house cuz the local (small) airport is near us. Do yoo meow wiv a UK accent now or haf yoo still got yer US accent?