Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tea and Biscuits...

On my previous post, many of my American friends referred to my treadling as "making biscuits."

Well -- do you know that biscuits in America are different than biscuits over here in England? In England, a biscuit is a hard "cookie" -- not too sweet -- but it goes JUST RIGHT with a cup of tea. Or so I've been told.

If you would like to learn more about tea and biscuits, you can go to this place, and you can learn everything about tea and biscuits AND the wonderful practice of a Sit Down.

And for our British friends... what's YOUR favorite tea and biscuit combo?


Daisy said...

I guess it is called a "digestive" sometimes too? A biscuit seems a lot like a cookie to me. Those mince pies look good.

see you there! said...

Thanks for the link. I think I've already got the practice of a Sit Down pretty well fine tuned.

Those are some pretty teacups.


Dragonheart said...

My dad spent 6 months on course in England once, so he has educated me about the difference between Canadian, American, and British English.

Thanks for the link. My mom says chocolate-covered Digestives are yummy, but she also likes just the plain tea biscuits too.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Neat! we didn't know that. it is so interesting the way "English" is "English" but so different depending where a kitty travels! If I ever teleport over to England I'll have to make sure I know the correct words for stuff so I don't sound silly. Mommy said it is important, and polite to do that when traveling. I say she isn't allowed to travel that far for that long!

The Meezer Gang said...

Oh, I simply LOVE tea! I drink every time Mom leaves hers on the counter!

Anonymous said...

Adorable photo :)

Derby said...

How about some scones and clotted cream. Yum.

Forty Paws said...

Hi Pearl!

Paw sez Darjeeling and Nice.

It tuk Maw VERY long times to lern wat crisps n biskits n cakes n chips r. Sumtimes she stil dunt git it wen Paw sez sumting.

Luf, Us

Faz the Cat said...

My humans say that "Nothing beats a cup of lapsang or gunpowder with a piece of Scottish shortbread". I personally prefer tuna brine but too much salt is not good for me.

You are getting very anglicised Pearl. Purr FAZ

Prinnie and Caesar said...

my mom has a "tea" everyday because she grew up with that (her parents are from the Netherlands) she eats cookies mostly though with her tea... sometimes those carr's wheat crackers, that daddy says taste like cardbooard. Mommie loves them

You look very pretty having tea!! Those cuppies are really cute too.


Eric and Flynn said...

Oh no!! Now you have got our mum confused. She likes Digestives and chocolate bourbon biscuits. She knows that English biscuits are nearly the same as cookies, and she always assumed that biscuits in the U.S. was just the same as cookies, so now she wants to know what biscuits are in the U.S.
The first time our Beans went to the US they ordered chips with their meal as a side dish and got what we call crisps. Now they know to ask for fries.
Mum says the best thing ever with tea is clotted cream and scones with a good strawberry jam, and it is known as a Devon cream tea.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Mmm....The Lap Lady loves tea and she thinks she should live in England because she'd fit right in with tea and biscuits!


au poussin bleu said...

Scone , clotted cream and little scarlet are by the most traditional favourite of mine and of course the famous 5 o'clock tea with cucumber sandwich . I really enjoy to go to Harrods for a 5 o'clolck. I have at home a book of the best Tea-room in England . When i have my hand on it , i will send you the address.