Friday, March 30, 2007

A good wash

Nothing like a good wash after breakfast. Pumpy and I clean ourselves at least twice a day and if I'm in a good mood I allow Pumpy to wash my face. And If I'm in a VERY good mood I wash Pumpy's face.

That's all I've got today, friends. It's time for me to take my nap.


Dragonheart said...

That window looks like a great place to hang out! It's very nice of you to let Pumpy wash your face, Pearl.

Marilynn said...

FanTAStic photo -- background and lighting included! Of course, the beautiful kitties taking a wash after breakfast are the most wonderful part of the pic!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

A good wash in the sun? Is there anything better at all? I think not!


Forty Paws said...

Oh yes. Dual washings. Quite nice.

Luf, Us

Daisy said...

That is very good. After all, Cleanliness is next to godliness. That means, if you are clean, you can be like a god. A cat god.

Faz the Cat said...

Sleeping and bathing - my two favourite things Pearl - you are a girl after my own heart. Purr FAZ

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

That is the loveliest picture - two cats bathing in the sunshine! We love it!

Purrrs, China Cat & Willow

Caesar + Prinnie said...

Pearl and Pumpy, you two look very happy sitting in the window washing up. Perfect place to be after breakfast!

I hope your week-end is splendid so far. Here it is a bit cloudy... not enough sun :-(


TheSlyCat said...

Miss Pearl,
Thank you for the compliment:) I'm glad that you found my page. You are beautiful! I hope that your day is sunny and warm. I need a nap about now too.
<3 Sly