Saturday, May 1, 2010


Pumpy and I are doing a little run-down on the U.K. Elections.

The Tory Cat Manifesto:

1. We'll work for you if you work hard for England -- and your fudz. No free fudz for free-loading cats.
2. We must tighten our controls on alien cats in our back gardens. Deport all interlopers unless they are legal interlopers.

The Labour Cat Manifesto:

1. All poor cats shall have tinned stinky goodness. No cat will go without.
2. Diversity is embraced but white cats shall have dominion on sofas and ginger cats must not intrude. And dogs are out of the question.

The Liberal Democrat Cat Manifesto:

1. All fudz shall be equally distributed at fudz time in proportion to a cat's hunger.
2. Human immigration should be restricted but cats shall have open borders.


Katnip Lounge said...

HA! Mommy loves your post! Could you please do a run down of American politics as sum it up FAR better than she's ever seen! Bravo!
We cats must admit to being liberals...we like the unlimited food, all the time platform.
xx lounge kats

dinahmow said...

Thankyou, Pearl,for explaining this so clearly. Our people have been having some difficulty following this circus in the papers and TV.

Geiger and Sporran

Professor J said...

And which is Pearl?

Derby, Ducky said...

No way we vote Labour if they won't let us ginger guys have our say.

Anonymous said...

Pearl must be a Liberal-Demi-Cat, surely?