Monday, June 22, 2009

Wimbledon - The First Day

Did you know that eating strawberries and cream is a long held tradition at Wimbledon? This is a fact. And this is a tradition that I could be very happy to uphold. Especially the cream thing.

Did you also know that Andy Murray might make it to the finals and if he does that he will be the first British person to make it to the finals in 73 years (even though Andy Murray is a Scot - but never mind.)

We're keeping our paws crossed for you Andy!!


Eric and Flynn said...

We'll have the cream but you can keep the strawberries thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we all think that's a fine tradition too and will happily run the Australian side of the campaign for you.

Christine and FAZ said...

We are very excited here in Wimbledon and the human is off to the tennis in person on Friday (although only to Court 1). We are hoping for weather as good as today. FAZ