Friday, December 12, 2008


I understand that we're having a few people around for fun and games tonight. It will probably be like this:

Bwhahaha. Not really.

I've got to run. I think Pumpy's on the kitchen counter and I just heard a plate crash. Really!


Professor J said...

mmm--maybe there is butter involved!

Eric and Flynn said...

Uh-oh, maybe he's tasting the food.

see you there! said...

Was the party fun? Did you get to lick a few appetisers? Did Pumpy get in trouble for breaking a plate? Tell him Santa is going to leave coal in his stocking if there's more breakage. I'm sure you know how to stalk the countertops without knocking things off.


Lux said...

Hi Pearl! That party picture made me giggle; I know any parties my beans have are like that! ;-)

You look so very pretty in that picture.

Daisy said...

Pearl, you have such a pretty face. Whenever we have guests, I must hide under the bed. The entire night.