Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was having me a good lick of butter when the woman screeched at me to stop. It was very disruptive and annoying. I refused to get off the table even so.

Later she left the back door open and so I ate some weeds in the back garden. Not as gratifying as butter but it sometimes makes me throw up and so I might do this later on her favorite rug.


Daisy said...

Hahahahahaha! Look at the butter! My Mommie does not let me lick foods either. Rats.

see you there! said...

Wow Pearl, you are really one lucky princess. If I even THOUGHT about getting up on my woman's table I'd be a homeless cat. Rules are tough about this joint.

Wish I had a lick of that butter.


Julia said...


There is a song written for you! It's called Life with a Naughty Kitty and talks about Beans disliking tongue marks on the butter. It is on an album apparently written for Pumpy called Orange Cats Make The Very Best Friends by a singing Bean called Norm Hacking.

LIfe With a Naughty Kitty

Sometimes when I leave the house
I must admit I worry
I try to do what I must do
And get back in a hurry.
The thought of what a cat might do
When left at home alone
Makes me fear what I might find
When I come back home

Life with a naughty kitty
Isn't very pretty.
So I sing this mournful song
About when cats go wrong.

The couch is ripped and torn apart,
The stuffing is pulled out.
The litter box is empty
With the gravel strewn about.
Everything's in disarray -
It makes me grump and mutter.
There's cat hair on the tablecloth
And tongue marks on the butter.

You can hear Pearl's song Here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl,

Lol...I love butter it's delicious and if they don't want us licking it why do they just leave it laying around...Silly Humans :)

The Crew said...

Oh, I love to lick butter!

Yes, a good throwing up on the rug should let her know you're not happy about the scolding.


The Furry Fighter said...

when you are sick make sure you tread it across the house too, beans like that! :0 x

A Fanciful Twist said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Well, that is what she gets for not letting you have the butter your highness... I think you should steal one of her favoprite shoes.. And put the butter in it.. Oh, oops, did I say that?? Oh naughty kitty... xoxoxo

Fritzamus Maximus said...

Right on, Pearl! The Feeders don't let me eat butter either. Wretched humans...

Lux said...

That was not very nice to interrupt your butter-licking! Throwing up in retaliation is a great idea!

Parker said...

You have a good plan!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh Pearl! You`re funny! LOL
And your new puppy is so cute!


Forty Paws said...

Yup. Maw doesn't appreciate it when we lick the butter either. Well, we say that she shouldn't leave it within our leap.

Luf, Us